La muerte sale por el Oriente / Intervención



According to the Observatorio Ciudadano Nacional del Feminicidio (National Citizens Observatory of Feminicides), ten women in Mexico are brutally murdered every day. The state of Mexico is one of the locations with the highest number of cases, concentrated in the municipalities of Ecatepec, Chimalhuacán and Nezahualcóyotl—this being the municipality where I live. La muerte sale por el Oriente is a project that explores feminicidal violence in the State of Mexico. It is made up of three components: 1. photographic documentation of protests and initiatives by mothers and family members of victims, 2. territorial interventions, featuring a woman’s silhouette made of a mirror and placed in locations that are especially dangerous for women, and 3. Digital cartography of feminicide cases in the State of Mexico.

The project