Replanting of crosses

In November of 2015 the placement of 3 pink crosses was carried out in Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico. This was an initiative of Irinea Buendia – mother of Mariana Lima Buendia, victim of feminicide in 2010 – and was supported by different people through a call launched via internet.

Earlier this year, in the framework of the commemoration of the International Women’s Day, Irinea succeeded in carrying out the installation of the 4th cross in the same place; fortunately, on that occasion, more organizations, civil society and the media were added.

A couple of weeks ago, staff of the municipal president of Chimalhuacán started two of the crosses, before this event, Doña Irinea, mothers of other women murdered, neighbors of the area and some organizations called for the mobilization “We fill Chimalhuacán crosses” Was held on Sunday May 29 and where they were placed to place the crosses that, for no apparent reason, were removed. Hopefully not only continue to increase attendance at these types of events, but also add MORE ideas, MORE actions and MORE economic contributions to continue pointing out the gender violence that exists in our country: for our mothers, daughters, sisters, partners and friends.