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The placement of pink crosses1 began in the municipality of Chimalhuacán (State of Mexico), at the initiative of Irinea Buendía —Mariana Lima Buendía’s mother, victim of femicide in 2010— who, supported by different people through a call made by social networks, carried out this action in November 2015. By March 2016, again on the initiative of Irinea Buendía, a march took place from Ecatepec and Nezahualcóyotl to Chimalhuacán. In this demonstration people from different geographical points, civil organizations, the performance of Rostros de fuego, del Bordo a la Esperanza and a political pronouncement of the civil society of the State of Mexico before the increase of feminicides in the entity were made. At the end, a cross was placed (the fourth) on the banks of the Canal de la Compañía, one of the areas where bodies of women without life are frequently found. It was in May 2016, when staff of the municipal president of Chimalhuacán, Rosalba Pineda, started 2 of the crossings without any substantive reason, for which Irinea, relatives of victims, neighbors of the zone and civil organizations, summoned the mobilization Fill in crosses Chimalhuacán, in May of the same year, to replace the crosses.


7th anniversary of Mariana Lima Buendía’s funeral (event where 3 crosses were placed in front of the Municipal Palace of Cd. Nezahualcóyotl on July 1, 2017)
«This memorial means for us that our daughters will always be present, because we do have memory […] there would be no need to be here at this time putting these crosses if the authority had done its part, I mean the public ministries Municipalities and public servants who do not do their job […] can not get to the truth of the facts because as long as they are not investigated with a gender perspective, they can not realize the context of violence that exists in those lost lives, in those lives of women who would not have to be killed if the authority carried out their work […] Nezahualcóyotl is a municipality that is part of the gender alert, a conflictive municipality where it has not fulfilled its part, has not fulfilled with all that alert that needs to be given so that 7 women continue to be killed daily, and it is not fair that women remain at risk, they do not realize Since we are living a very serious situation, we do not want neglected and neglectful public ministries, the problem has gotten out of control because of their ineptitude, this memorial reminds them of their lack of commitment to investigate, sanction and eradicate violence against women, do not comply with me, comply with yourselves because they studied for that, if the chairs are big, resign, we want generations of professionals who have professional ethics, commitment to their work, no commitment to impunity that generates corruption and to the families of victims I I ask that we not be quiet, that we demand that they work. « Part of the final speech by Irinea Buendía.

The project


1 For more than a decade, pink crosses have been placed across the country in memory of the victims of feminicide. The one that begins with her placement is Mrs. Paula Flores Bonilla, mother of María Sagrario, 17 years old, who was a worker in a maquiladora and was murdered in 1998 in Ciudad Juarez.