Sonia Madrigal (Mexican) lives and works in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, a big city close to Mexico City. She studied B.S. in Informatics. In 2009, she began her training as a photographer at FARO de Oriente - with photographer Mark Powell - and at FARO Tláhuac. Her work revolves around sociocultural issues that take place in the metropolitan area of Mexico City (mainly in the East). In 2014 she had the honor to get the Programa Jóvenes Creadores del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes grant and the Seminario de Producción Fotográfica 2016 del Centro de la Imagen grant, under the tutoring of Verónica Gerber. She was selected in 2016 to be part of En Construction the 1st collective Latin American photobook by Espacio GAF. She belonged to the group Encontraste, as a member, she obtained a grant in 2014 to attend the Encuentro de Colectivos Fotográficos Iberoamericanos E·CO/14 2014, at São Paulo, Brazil. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Italy, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Her work have been published in different parts of the world, in books, articles and websites. Her current work focus on Violence against women, specially in danger zones around Mexico City. She is cofounder of the digital platform Mal d3 ojo.




Project on feminicidal violence in Mexico.

Distribución Geográfica de la Violencia Feminicida

Collaborative mapping on feminicidal violence.

La muerte sale por el oriente

Work diary about feminicidal violence.

Tiempos Muertos

Work on public transport in Mexico City Metropolitan Area.

Los espacios del olvido

Work on identity and memory.

Maria Ninguém

Collective work developed in E·CO/14 Encuentro Iberoamericano de Colectivos Fotográficos 2014 (Ibero-American meeting of photographic collectives), at Santos, São Paulo Brazil.


The Guardian, january 2017

Press release.

FILSA 2016, Chile

Collective exhibition by selection.

Transas magazine, Argentina

Review: La muerte sale por el oriente.

Mi Valedor magazine, México

Publication: Tiempos Muertos.

Letras Explícitas magazine, México

Publication: Tiempos Muertos.

Letras Explícitas magazine, México

Publication: Los espacios del olvido.

En Construcción book

Participation by selection in the 1st photobook Latin American collective.